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Artist Bio: Elmer Lucille Allen

b. 1931
Birth Place: Louisville, KY
Nationality: American
Education: University of Louisville
Lives and Works:
Signature Medium(s): Clay/Ceramics

Artwork in collection: Box #1 and Box #2

Allen was born in Louisville, KY. She is a 1953 chemistry graduate from Nazareth College (now Spalding University), and in 1966 she became the first African American chemist at the Brown-Forman Company in Louisville. Allen was one of three women employed at the company, where she held the title of senior analytical chemist. She retired from the company in 1997 and returned to college to earn a MA in creative arts in ceramics from the University of Louisville in 2002.

Working with clay, Elmer Lucille Allen transforms ordinary enclosed forms such as teapots and boxes into unique artistic creations. Former President of Kentucky Coalition for AFRO-American Arts, Inc., Ms. Allen has received numerous awards and has a distinguished exhibit history.

Allen’s art work has been displayed at various galleries in Louisville, Indiana, Kansas, and many other locations. She was the first recipient of Kentucky’s Community Arts Lifetime Local Achievement Award in 2004, and that same year was also recognized as a Woman of Distinction. In 2007 she was one of the “Women of Spunk” honorees. Allen developed Kentucky's First African American Arts Directory and founded the Afro-American Coalition for Artists. She is also actively involved as a community volunteer with organizations such as the Louisville Western Branch Library Support Group, Inc.