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Artist Bio: Craig Screven

b. January 2, 1971
Birth Place: Dayton, OH
Nationality: American
Education: BFA, Ohio State University
Lives and Works:  Dayton, OH
Signature Medium(s): Oil, Digital Prints

Artwork in collection: Slave Queen Change

Craig Screven studied painting and drawing at Ohio State University.  While in attendance he was very active in the art community, serving as curator of the Silent Presence Gallery, and organizing and curating the Art Expressions and the Life Around Me art exhibits.  He was also the judge for the African American Student Service of Ohio State University's Art Contest.  He has exhibited extensively many galleries in the Mid-West.

Drawing inspiration from political, historical and social events, Screven creates emotional and expressional impressions of life.  His artwork shows a strong use of line and the primary colors and places emphasis on space, the figure, and movement. Screven uses a variety of media to create including computer, pastels, watercolor, oil paint, and wood.  However, his favorite mediums are oil paint and the computer.  In March of 2000, Screven was given the honor of being the Digital Consciousness Artist of the Month.

Artist Statement:
"I draw. I paint. I create. The visions you see are influenced by your life. The visions I create are influenced by mine. When they come together they create a spiritual, political, or social image."