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Artist Bio: Romare Bearden

b. September 2, 1911
d. March 12, 1988
Birth Place: Charlotte, North Carolina
Nationality: American
Education: New York University, Art Students League New York City
Signature Medium: Collage

Artwork in Collection: The Lantern

After graduating from college, he had a career as a social worker while becoming one of the preeminent artists in the United States from the mid-1960s until his death in 1988. Bearden's signature technique was collage. Snippets from magazine photographs, painted papers, foil, posters, and art reproductions were among his materials. In addition to his role as an artist, he was also an esteemed writer. His written materials include exhibition reviews, articles about his own working methods and artistic ideas, and three book-length studies, The Painter's Mind (1953), Six Black Masters of American Art (1972), and A History of African-American Artists: From 1792 to the Present (1993, posthumously).