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Artist Bio: LaToya M. Hobbs

b. May 7, 1983
Birth Place: Little Rock, AR
Nationality: American
Education: MFA, Purdue University; BA, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Lives and Works:
Signature Medium: Relief Printmaking/Painting

Artwork in Collection: Internal Peace

LaToya M. Hobbs is a native of North Little Rock, AR. She received her undergraduate degree in Studio Art with and emphasis in Painting from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. While studying painting she developed a keen interest in printmaking which is now one of her signature mediums. As an emerging African American Artist, she works with figurative imagery that addresses the ideas of beauty and spirituality. LaToya's work has been featured in several national exhibitions including the National Wet Paint Exhibition in Chicago, IL, the East/West Portfolio Print Exchange traveling exhibition, and the Black Creativity exhibition at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, IL.